Abstract Submission Terms

  • To submit a paper, you must first register to the conference website.
  • Abstracts (at least 150, up to 500 words) should be submitted online. The abstracts sent by mail, fax, e-mail etc. will not be evaluated.
  • There is no obligation to submit the papers in a single session.Once the submission process starts, authors can make changes on their abstracts until the submission deadline.
  • Abstracts and presentations can be in Turkish and/or in English.
  • An abstract is limited to be between 150 and 500 words. The system will not accept abstracts with less than 150 words and more than 500 words.
  • Please pay attention to grammar mistakes and do not includeany special characters or citation in your abstracts. Authors are responsible for all spelling mistakes.
  • Papers will be evaluated by at least two referees.

Oral Abstract Presentation Rules

  • A user can submit only one abstract.
  • Presentations can be in Turkish or in English.
  • The presentation time is 20 minutes in total, 5 minutes is reserved for questions and discussions.

Evaluation of Papers and Inclusion in the Program

  • After evaluating the submission, an acceptance letter will be sent to the authors.In order for the abstract to be included in digital proceedings, at least one of the authors of the abstract must be registered.
  • Registration of an author of an abstract does not automatically register other authors of the abstract